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Over the last year I have been promoting my book, The Music Seed, to various people from Hollywood producers to the ones who work in the arts.  Now, The Music Seed with the help of IUniverse Publishing will be launching a new advertising campaign that involves TV commercials! That’s right, very soon you’ll be seeing an TV advertisement for my book, The Music Seed on national television! I’ll be posting the release date soon and keep you updated on other developments.

Also, because of increased demand, I have be able to drop the book price to $19.95 per book plus shipping! Order your signed copy today! Scott Benjamin 440-355-6608 9-8 EST.

The creature then turned toward the cockpit and hit the two other targeted hijackers flying the plane with another beam of concentrated frequency waves, also rendering them useless.  The nearly demised hijackers now found themselves slumped frozen over the controls of the large aircraft with the terrible beam holding them fast, like a stun gun but a hundred times worse. Their unmoving eyes gathered their last visions before they left.

The targets have now been incapacitated, the strange creature thought. Yet they have no apparent use it fatefully decided for them.

Then, pausing for a brief moment seeming to make another rational decision, the creature raised its large right hand which ejected a blinding flash of controlled violet light hitting only the four hijackers simultaneously. These new beams of light, carrying trillions of years of extremely advanced anti-matter particle beam technology, dislodged and dissipated all spinning atomic and sub atomic particles in the hijacker’s bodies.  The four hijackers never saw what hit them. Suddenly and instantly vaporized, they no longer existed. No one would ever see them again.

Five seconds had now passed.

The plane was now flying at only 100 feet and would hit its target in less than six seconds.  The creature then moved back away from the cockpit. It paused and looked around the interior of the plane and its occupants for a second as if sizing it up. Then calmly it lifted its large hand once again creating a brilliant flash of green and blue light that now engulfed the entire plane.  These final rays of light held a technological secret the best Earth scientists would spend many thousands of years trying to duplicate. The bright flash of light caused the doomed airplane to vanish for a split second. Caught, then released from the temporary quarters of the creatures own dimension, the Boeing 757 jet, with all of its passengers intact, reappeared 85 miles away from where it was a second ago and was now sitting safely on a military runway.

“This is Nighthawk 4, lost radar on possible traffic. It must be down! But Andrew’s, we don’t see any signs of an aircraft going down!”

“Roger Nighthawk 4,” Andrew’s replied. “We have lost radar on suspect traffic. We confirm it must have gone down! Wait! We have a hit on Trans 394!  What the hell! We have a hit at Quantico! That’s impossible! What the hell is going on here? It couldn’t of…”

The Music Seed is in Print!

The Music Seed book cover

The Music Seed book cover

Good News! My Sci-Fi novel, The Music Seed, a 541 page paperback published by IUniverse, is done.  This is a great Sci-Fi story! If you like music too even better yet! Click on the “About” link for a preview of the story.

Order yours now. Click on the “Buy the Book” link at the top of this page to order.

The book is ready for the publisher and this blog is ready to talk about it. Stay tuned …

Click on the “About” link at the top of the page to learn more about The Music Seed story.