The Music Seed

A young, remarkably musically talented, 14 year old girl dying of cancer, her father, a special government agent, a strange visitor from another planet simply calling himself the Music Man and the four powerful beings who accompany him converge on Earth to thwart a pending attack in our future.

  • But can they do it in time?
  • Who can be trusted?
  • Will the young girl realize her destiny in time before she dies?
  • What will happen to Earth if she fails?
  • Why is all this related to only music?
  • What did a fifth airplane on 9/11 have to do with the young girl?
  • The Music Man has been sent here to Earth by four special beings. But why was he sent here and what does he know?
  • How can a 14-year-old girl save our planet?
  • What role does music play in this whole wild scenario?
  • What does the Music Man really know about planet Earth?

The Music Man and the powerful beings have deduced that planet Earth, on its current path of technology, has not even a faint chance of surviving the coming of the Mentones in the year 2683. The Mentones are an extremely advanced race of strange beings with an effective, yet sick way of harvesting planets to continue their species.

But the Music Man’s once simple mission becomes extremely complicated. The government blames the Music Man for misfortunes around the planet. The Mentones discover the Earth seed and set out to destroy it. Another powerful being, hidden eons ago, sides with the evil race of Mentones, as the Earth seed lies dying in a hospital. A genius inventor, a radical doctor and a NASA video surveillance specialist all become part of the now complex countdown.

So with the Music Man conducting a new evolution of music, a new technology using sound covering all aspects of the development and advancement of the human race, a chance to survive we may have. We just have to listen to the new music. We just have to listen to him. And we just have a little over 677 years to become prepared for the inevitable.

The only hitch is that in order to succeed, we must take the right path now.

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